Purchasing from Houston, TX Jewelry Stores Like a Pro Jeweler

Jeweler’s Shopping Tips

Jewelry storesEven the wedding jewelry industry is not safe to shop if you did not brush up with some of the insider’s ins and outs. If you are shopping for bridal accessories, it is important that you are aware of what is going on. You cannot just throw away your cash easily without probing and assessment.

According to experts, here are some of the things to know before heading out to jewelry stores in Houston, TX:

Be wary of natural colored stones. Based from the experiences of different jewelers, there is no such thing as natural colored gemstones. In fact, these colored stones are treated in order to have color. Moreover, it is dangerous to deal with stores that are selling natural colored stones that are already set on the wedding band. The same goes with natural pearls. Yes, there are natural pearls but they are very rare and mostly auctioned, not sold in a retail jewelry shop.

Suspect stones are set stones. Most couples tend to buy wedding rings with set stones already. However, this choice is really bad because there is a high chance of getting a suspect or uncertified stone. When the stone is already set, you cannot assess it flaws and imperfections. If you want to secure your main stone, buy a loose stone first. Do not get fooled easily. If the stone is hidden under a prong, have it removed and check the ring personally.

It is best to get 18K gold and platinum as ring metal. 18K for gold or platinum is the standard caratage. If you go higher or lower, the metal becomes a bit soft. Based from jewelry experts, do not believe if the ring ha a hallmark because it can easily be faked. This hallmark may be in the form of metal type, karat weight stamp and designer’s signature. The best way to know if the ring is certified is to get the serial number and have it double checked by contacting GIA or AGS.

Most of all, it is important to know that buying a ring on a first visit is not a good choice. Give yourself enough time to look around and decide.

By following the tips above, you can successfully find your wedding jewelry items easily. If you have no idea how to deal jewelry stores in Houston, TX, the very first thing to do is ask for help. If you have family members who are expert in this aspect, take his or her advice. After proposing you can start planning for your wedding and choose photographer and wedding DJ.

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